Joe & Dough, Leisure Park:
A Well-Brewed Ambience

Food & Beverage

This outlet is a fully-formed expression of the design aesthetic created for Joe & Dough by Liid. There are a variety of seating areas with differing ambience, some placed on low raised platforms to emphasise their window-side placement.

Wood – as reclaimed boards, veneers and effect laminates – figures largely in this outlet's scheme, taking advantage of the abundant natural light to keep the dark tones well-lit. As with all other projects, the alignment of elements and fixtures are all carefully considered to carry the aesthetic through.

Graphics and custom artwork throughout the space were integrated by collaborating with a graphic designer, making for a cohesive look, as seen in the shelves behind the serving counter, with posters, merchandise and storage fitting together in a considered grid that continues across the ceiling directly above.

The layered spaces create a welcoming frontage that draws people in, and allows them to linger comfortably in their little pocket.