About Us

Liid is helmed by Singapore-born Ng Hwee Li, with over fifteen years of experience in various fields of interior and spatial design behind her. Formed in early 2012, the practice has already garnered a diverse and vibrant portfolio of completed projects.

The firm philosophy is rooted in the process of design and construction, working to ensure that spatial quality is manipulated fully, to create interiors ordered by hierarchy, activated by light and focused on comfort. It goes beyond aesthetics and function, and aspires to create holistic solutions that are more than the sum of their parts, and make sense of innate problems and shortcomings.

Every project, client and space is provided with a custom-fit solution, to cater for individual lifestyle requirements and functional usage. Each commission is always explored as an opportunity to constantly refine, and hopefully perfect, the firm's acumen in creating timeless design. ​

The bones of the space are always investigated for functional flaws and inefficiencies, so that the resulting spaces are pretty to the eyes, and also greatly improved through the proposed interventions. The consideration for details as tiny as the alignment of lines formed by cabinet doors and junctions between materials demonstrates a conviction to maintain the visual integrity of every executed project.

Liid Associates

Liid Associates is the private limited arm of the firm, focusing on projects for commercial, retail and hospitality clients, and all engagements that require working with industry and state authorities such as the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

Liid Studio

Liid Studio Pte Ltd works on creating comfortable and clever dwelling spaces, sculpted around your life. It provides personable design-and-build services for your home and small-scale projects, translating clever ideas into well-finished interiors for your enjoyment.

Founder & Principal

Ng Hwee Li 黄会丽

Ng graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in 2001 with a diploma in Interior Architecture & Design. She went on to join a local commercial design firm, handling design, client liaisons and site supervision work for two years, before pursuing further studies. With advanced standing granted in 2004, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts — with first class honours — in Museum and Exhibition Design, from University of Lincoln in the UK after less than a year of study. Ng went on to work professionally in the UK: two years practicing museum & exhibition design with Objectives; a year doing retail, showroom and commercial interiors with Silver International Design; and, to cap it off, two years of interior design within the architectural practice Foster + Partners. The five years saw her amass considerable experience.

In 2009, Ng was scouted by a former lecturer from her alma mater, Temasek Polytechnic, to teach a new diploma programme in Retail and Hospitality Design. She returned home to Singapore to accept the position, with an eye to nurturing young designers that she could one day work alongside or employ, while also taking a sabbatical from professional practice.

During her tenure with the school, Ng received a commendation from the Nippon Paint Young Designer’s Award (YDA) 2012 judging panel for her work in mentoring a student towards clinching the Gold Award (Singapore) and encouraging him to compete with his peers at the Asia-wide level of the awards.

Ng left her educator role to start up Liid Studio in early 2012, and went on to take twenty projects to completion within a year. In 2015, she established Liid Associates to handle the growing number of bigger commercial and hospitality projects; Liid Studio and Liid Associates now sit under the umbrella of the Liid brand.

She also currently teaches freshmen and sophomores at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), consulting as an adjunct with the Diploma in Design (Interior & Exhibition), since February 2014.