Joe & Dough, Square 2:
Warmly Wrapped

Food & Beverage

The combination of four smaller units around a lift shaft resulted in a difficult layout. This was smartly mitigated by wrapping services and storage around the immovable shaft, allowing for seating and retail sections that flowed around the perimeter.

Several interior elements are placed at a slant, to break the boxy grid and add visual dynamism, and mitigate the sloped floor outside the unit. They are combined with super-graphics to animate the large expanses of wall. The gaping open corner of the storefront is reproportioned using signage, built-in furniture, and changes in flooring and panel materials. Emphasis is also provided to the ordering counter with a dropped ceiling and light wood-effect laminate, pulling the eye in.

Tucked into the rear of the space, right beside the kitchen, a round communal table sits in a nook cocooned with warm finishes and soft low lighting, beckoning patrons to go further to socialise over a cup of Joe.