The Interlace:
Perfectly Lined

Interior Styling

This apartment in The Interlace needed a quick spruce up, and there was minimal intervention to the brand new dwelling. Carpentry for additional storage and as built in furniture was the main scope, such as the clever shoe storage.

Employing darker and medium tones of wood to contrast the predominantly white and creamy interior helped to anchor the additions. The rectilinear geometry is repeated, and obsessively trimmed with a groove that outlines the perimeter of each custom-built piece. This simple but consistent detail – seen in the consoles of the living area; the buffet in the dining corner; and new storage in the foyer kitchen, and utility area – makes for cohesion even with the use of a range of surface materials.

The mix of open and closed storage creates display opportunities for the owner, while minimising visual clutter. It certainly shows that often, less really can be more.