Compassvale Lane:
Arranging Chords

Interior Styling

The concept for this project threads a client request for specific colour schematics with the objective of warm, liveable spaces. After discovering that Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You” was a very special song for the couple, its musical score was explored as a linking device to connect the entry, living, dining and kitchen spaces. Tying the change of colours from room to room are the stave lines from musical notation with notes dancing across the walls, glazed partitions and kitchen backsplashes.​

The muted colour palette of greys browns, blacks and whites is punctuated with bright notes of orange and gold in the living room, red in the kitchen and purple in the master bedroom. Warmth is introduced with timber veneers, andtexture is introduced with tiles, soft furnishings and accessories, like the guitar wall-light fixture in the living space.

Even the tiniest of measures are aligned, like the junction lines of cabinet doors and partitions, to reduce visual dischord and allow the music of the space to harmoniously come through.